Thursday, June 17, 2010

Someone Like You by Cathy Kelly

For some reason I am one of those people who don't read popular authors when they first become popular. I'm not sure why that is - perhaps it is because I read a lot of lesser known authors and enjoy supporting them.

Anyway, now I have finally read a Cathy Kelly book, I know I'll come back for more.

The book, Someone Like You, is set in Ireland and tells the story of three women, with very different backgrounds, coming together on a holiday in Egypt. They soon become friends and that friendship grows once they return home and have to face their old lives again.
Through the ups and downs each woman endures in their lives - Emma, wanting a baby and coping with a dominating father, Hannah, recovering from a broken heart and finds love where she least expects it, and Leonie, the oldest woman who has her hands full raising three teenagers and who hopes one day to meet the man of her dreams.
The books is full of practical modern day issues and is touched with witty humour and, at times, sadness, but Cathy Kelly's writitng shines as she brings the stories of these three women to a wonderful conclusion and I was reluctant to close the book.

I highly reccommend it.
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