Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Shout Out

This week I have been writing my current historical novel and the plot has gone in such a way I had to do some extra research for it.
One of the things I needed to find out was the cable/wire system between England and Australia in the late 19th century. My reference books didn't help this time so I googled it and spent hours trying to find the answers I needed, and also my friend, Kat, helped as she always does when I IM her in frustration!

Anyway I found a website which had a good explanation of the history of cable/wire system in different countries. I promptly emailed the website owner and asked for his assistance.
Within 24 hours Bill Burns had emailed me and also asked a knowledgeable friend of his, Bill Glover, to help me.

Therefore, I wanted to do a shout out for Bill's website as a thank you for his help. And now I don't have to do a rewrite!

So if you're interested in the history of technology and communication, etc, visit Bill's website. It's very interesting.

Thank you, Bill and Bill!
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