Monday, May 17, 2010

Robin Hood

We saw Robin Hood on the weekend. I really enjoyed it. I'd heard some of the reviews weren't that friendly towards the film, but I don't read movie reviews anyway as I think movies, like books, can be a personal thing and if the reviewer is having a bad day who is to say they don't take it out on the movie?
Another thing, I watch movies for the fun of it, the joy of being in another world for a couple of hours. For me it's the time to relax and switch off. I don't have to worry about cooking dinner, ironing clothes, washing the floor, etc. So if a movie can transport me for a little while then it's done it job and that's all I ask.
 Robin Hood did its job. The acting was superb by all the actors, the settings are excellent and scenery is delightful. Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe have created another good double act. What I also like is how they have brought to the big screen real characters who have never been seen before - like William Marshall.

The tale is an old one that everyone knows, but this version of Robin Hood is more about what could have been the start of the Robin Hood legend.
Of course no one can say for sure whether Robin Hood is real or not. Academics and historians can, and will, discuss the issue at lengths for years to come, but for me, I like the thought of a man going against the rule and coming to the aid of those who need it. Some say it isn't true. I say why can't it be? Stranger things have happened...
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