Thursday, May 28, 2009

Second hand book sales?

I try always to buy new for fiction and most non-fiction, I like to help authors get their royalties. LOL
With some old reference books, they are impossible to get new, so I don't mind buying them second hand or from the library.
With new authors I try to borrow their book from the library and if I like them, then I will buy all their books new.
This rule worked well for me last week when I borrowed a book from an author new to me (one I nearly bought new). I started reading the book, but it was in present tense and I couldn't read it. I'm so glad I burrowed the book from the library and didn't buy it new. However, the author didn't lose out because I borrowed the book from the library and if her books are borrowed a lot it means the library will buy her next books, etc, etc.

So please people, buy new or borrow from libraries and stay away from second hand sellers if you possibly can. Help keep the book industry alive.

here's another good post about this issue at How Publishing Really Works blog.

Happy reading!
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