Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good job done!

Well the beginning of this week saw me posting off my Australian historical novel to my agent in London. I am hopeful (praying, crying, willing, begging) it will do well and be loved by some wonderful editor.
I will never get used to sending a new manuscript out into the world. I always feel a little bereft at the parting. I suppose it's like sending your first born out into the world - I doubt I'll ever know that feeling as my eldest Jack and second eldest sons Josh have both announced they are never leaving home. At the time of this discussion, we were at the dining table eating dinner and you can imagine my husband's surprise and comments - his meal didn't quite taste the same after that.
Jack is currently sitting his final exams, then its his Formal (equivalent to USA prom night) and after that he facing his biggest challenge - the adult world of working - though I have the feeling he'll take the university option instead and consider casual employment. Anything for an easy life is Jack. His thinking is, if he doesn't earn money he won't be expected to move out. Smart lad is my son. Again my husband's comments turned the air blue...

Getting back to my manuscript. Replenish The Hope is a historical novel set in Australia in 1867. The main character, Nicola Douglas, leaves England to start a new life alone in a new country as a governess. However, interesting events and snap decisions she makes change the course of her future. The life she envisioned for herself turns out to be quite different in reality.

As I popped the manuscript parcel into the mailbox, I gave it a loving pat for good luck.

Now I wait. And as I go about my days, working, writing, etc, RTH is always in the back of my mind. Will someone love it as I do...
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