Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Let's talk agents. Finding the right agent is tough. You have to find someone who represents the type of book you write, and who can be enthusiastic about you and the story you have to tell. Sometimes it's a matter of clicking with them personally, or submitting the right story when they're looking for it. Blogs are a great way to keep up with what agents are looking for. Here is information gleaned from various literary agent postings:

Jessica Faust at Bookends Literary Agency ( : " I would love to see more current affairs/investigative-type titles. I love books that can open our eyes in a new way. Maybe they look at the history of a certain product or business or make us realize something that maybe we thought, but never really grasped (like the lack of privacy in today’s society)." Also on her lists of wants -- historical mystery, both thriller and softer historical mystery. She would love to see a historical mystery set in New York. She loves women's fiction. " I tend to be very attracted to stories about friendship, marriage, and parenting (from both sides of the issue). I’m a sister, but don’t have a sister, so for some reason sister stories rarely grab me as much. " On the romance side, she's looking for "great romantic suspense and big, sexy historical romances." Read all the details at

Elena Roth, of Firebrand Literary Agency ( is looking for young adult novels with "high-concept hooks that don’t scrimp on strong characters." She'd love to see a story with a believable male voice and is drawn to narrators who have a dark or quirky sense of humor. "When done right, I love stories set in a dystopian future and anything that has a fresh (and funny) take on family set-ups will catch my eye." She also represents middle grade and picture books. Get the complete scoop at

Donald Maass Literary Agency ( posts a regular 'what we're looking for' notice. Right now, their interest is in "high concept literary fiction." See for more ideas.

Caren Johnson, of Caren Johnson Literary Agency, is on the hunt for contemporary romance authors. "I want to find 3-4 romance authors who have great contemporary romances (sorry paranormal and romantic suspense authors—as I keep saying, I have some great authors already writing this in my stable so I don’t want to have too much competition within the agency). Please send me great stories with well developed characters, fun plots and great locations (I’m an armchair traveler so don’t hesitate to set your stories in your hometown of Wichita, Kansas or Phoenix, Arizona; I’d love to hear about those places). Send all queries via email—"

For a pretty comprehensive list of agent blogs, go to
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