Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Son - 101 not out!

Last Saturday was rather a good for my family, especially my son, Joshua.

We are a cricketing family. For those who don't know what kind of sport cricket is go here.

(The picture is of Josh and his team last year after they won their grand final - Josh is standing, the tall one with the blue and white hat)
Anyway, on Saturday my son, playing for his local team in the under 14s, reached a milestone and scored his first century!

He got 101 not out and it was so exciting. It's a two day match, so this Saturday is the second part of the game and Josh's team has to win outright to be in the semi finals. Josh is captain of his team and batted for 48 overs, and did really well to keep his concentration. We were happy for him to get his first 50 runs, but when he was dropped a few times and we thought he'd get out soon, but he kept going and then I started to get nervous for him when he was in the 80s, then he hit a huge six (his first six) and we all erupt into yelling and clapping. jack stood on the side yelling at him to settle down and concentrate.
It was stinking hot and Josh was sweating so much. In between an over my eldest son, Jack ran a drink out to him and said, 'keep your head down, you're doing well' but he didn't tell him how close he was to 100.

By the time Josh was in the 90s, we were all standing up cheering every run he hit. Then he was on 99 and I was so nervous for him. He hit the ball and they run 2 and got his century. We just all were screaming, I was crying, it was brilliant.
His team formed an honour guard for him as he left the field. As his team declared for 7/216, they had to go out and field for two overs before the end of play. So this Saturday they need to get the other team out cheaply and then send them back in again and get them out under 216 to win out right.
It was a great morning. The ground is next door to my sister Linda's house, so our Dad came out and watched Josh get his hundred as well as my neice Amy, her hubby Tim and my neice Elizabeth, Linda was at work and missed the excitement.
Shame I didn't have a camera, but he might be in the local paper I'll have to see, as the sports reporter was visiting the ground at some point doing his weekend sports coverage.

This weekend is also 2 day game for hubby, Mark and Jack and they have to win to make the semi finals. So all this weekend is cricket. Though I have to find time to go and sign Josh up for soccer, he's playing soccer through our winter and the season starts in a few weeks.
A mother's job is never done. :o)
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