Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Shopping is Done!

All my Christmas presents have been bought, and wrapped by my daughter and placed under the tree, which makes me happy. :o) I have it all done early this year - a change for me. Now I don't have to battle the crowds anymore, except for the food shopping that I'll do next week.

I bought a lot of books as gifts again this year, as I do most years. Somehow, I always end up slipping a book for me into the pile, too. Not sure how that happens! :o)

I recently bought-
Eliza's Hope by Vicki Gaia
Duking Days by Anita Davison
Audrey Howard's latest book, A Time Like No Other.
Danielle Steel - Sisters
Maeve Binchy - Whitethorn Woods
Peter Fitzsimons - Biography of Nancy Wake (non fiction)
Dr Catherine Hamlin - The Hospital By The River (non fiction)
Isolde Martyn - Fleur-De-Lis
Bill Clinton - My life (non fiction)
Austin Woolrych - Battles of the English Civil War (non fiction)

Yes, so I'm a book addict. What can I say?
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