Sunday, July 15, 2007

My friends' dreams realised.

Two of of critique partners have had their first books released by Enspiren Press today.

Duking Days Rebellion by Anita Davsion
Tangled Hearts by Rosemary Morris.

Congratulations ladies! I hope you have very successful author careers!

The official announcement:-

The website has been updated with the debut authors' beautiful new covers.
We also have listed the coming soon novels.
Announcing the release of:-
Corpse Whisperer by Chris Redding (suspense)
Tangled Hearts by Rosemary Morris (historical romance)
Duking Days Rebellion by Anita Davison (historical mainstream)
Eliza's Hope by Vicki Gaia (Edwardian/20th century romance)
Jacqui's Dilemma by Joanna Hunt (contemporary novella)

Click on each cover to be taken to their page.
Congratulations authors. May you all have many sales and long and happy careers.
Marketing Director,
Enspiren Press.
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