Monday, July 23, 2007

Book Coaching & Mentoring Program

I'll be soon teaching a course at Writers Online Courses website.

The course I'm running is Book Coaching & Mentoring Program for new writers.

Book Coaching and Mentoring - This course is to help new writers polish their fiction manuscripts ready for submission to agents and editors.

I will give you the opportunity to receive help in
a) content editing
b) improving characters
c) improving plots
d) editing
f) finishing your ms
g) preparing for submission

You will sign up for one month at a time. I will critique your work and offer suggestions.
You will have 1 week to work on the information I offer.
Each student will receive 3 hours of critique time each month, one hour a week and there will be a one hour workshop each month for students to attend. Students may change their focus at any time, and continue to be coached/edited as long as they need help.

Click the link for more.

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