Tuesday, February 20, 2007


What an exciting few days it's been for me.

On top of the nominee announcement and award for best cover (see posts below) I have received my author copies for my historical mainstream hardback, The Gentle Wind's Caress.
The utter delight an author feels in holding their book for the first time is hard to express, even for a writer. :o)
I felt as if it wasn't real, which is crazy I know, but sometimes it is difficult to comprehend that all the long hours and hard work has come to the end, and the product is a beautiful book. A book that has my name on it, my words, imagination and emotion inside it. I get all teary just thinking about it.

It is quite surreal when a dream comes true.

So don't ever give up on what you want. Your sacrifices are worth it, believe me.
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