Friday, February 16, 2007

Awards & Things

I just saw that Kitty McKenzie is nominated for a ecataromance reviewer's award!

I'm excited! Kitty has received such glowing reviews, I'm very proud.

Also I just received the print galleys for Long Distance Love. Yes, it's going into print and I'm beside myself with happiness that my first contemporary novel will be available in paperback May 15th! Woohoo. Now I just wait for the new cover.

I've nearly finished writing chapter 6 of Woodland Daughter. Research has been keeping me busy and away from the manuscript, but hopefully the pace will pick up a bit soon.

My short story To Love Again is being released February 23rd, which is a wonderful. I'll post more about that next week with the details, etc.

Saga author Janet MacLeod Trotter's book, Crimson Dawn has arrived from, so I've got reading material for this weekend!

Take care.~
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