Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nice Surprise

I went into my local bookstore chain yesterday to see how my books were selling my books. Last month, 5 copies of Gossamer Wings and 5 copies of Kitty McKenzie arrived and the bookstore manager asked me to sign them, which I did.
Anyway, all 5 copies of Gossamer Wing have sold and 4 of Kitty McKenzie. I am so pleased, as this is a small town and my worst fear was that my books would sit on shelves and be ignored.

Next task is to set up a booksigning in a larger town, hopefully for March or so. Our kids go back to school at the end of this month for the start of our new school year and no one has spare money when they need to buy uniforms and shoes etc. So March is the better month for a signing, at least I hope so.

Lord, it's hot here today - has been for days. We've been making trips to the local swimming pool to cool off. Well, the kids have done the swimming, I sat under a tree in the shade and read my book - Elizabeth Chadwick's, The Champion. Got to love medieval!
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