Friday, January 05, 2007

Elizabeth I

Last night I watched Elizabeth I dvd, starring Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons.

What a fantastic movie it was. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII, reunited a nation divided by religious strife, faced down the Spanish Armada and, after an unprecedented 45-year reign, died one of England’s best-loved monarchs. During her time as Queen, poets and playwrights wrote about her, artists painted her, composers dedicated their work to her, all contributing to the legend of the Virgin Queen.
Elizabeth I looks beyond the myth, at the woman behind the crown.

When I watch or read about the strong women of history it always makes me smile, as I recall the many times when I've read opinions who say all women in bygone eras were submissive and dependent on men. What tosh.

I've read diaries of women who were anything but.

Anyway, ,f you want to watch a good movie or are interested in the Elizabethan era, Elizabeth I is worth viewing.

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