Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Wonderful Reader's Email! Woohoo!

This week I read Anne Whitfield’s book, Kitty McKenzie. I was originally going to get it for one of my daughters and thought I’d read it later. Well, I decided to read it first. I loved it so much and will give it to Emily later to read - she’s at college. Immediately I felt such sympathy for Kitty, a courageous woman facing many hardships. With the loss of their home and money, Kitty needed to make decisions about how to raise her younger siblings since the death of both parents. I loved her strength of character and in standing up to different people to accomplish what she needed in order to survive. I thought it was pretty neat how Kitty came from an upper class family, but adapted to living in an extremely poor neighborhood. And the conditions were deplorable. The secondary characters were marvelous and touching.

The book is very well-written and I look forward to reading Kitty McKenzie’s Land. I am wondering if her love interest will continue in the second book. This is definitely a book to read. Thanks, Anne, for writing it!


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