Monday, November 27, 2006

Book Signing

Well, last Saturday saw me take part in my first book signing along with two other authors, including fellow Samhain Publishing author, Alexis Fleming and Therese Nichols.

It was a hot day and the bookstore wasn't fully air-conditioned so it was rather warm, but apart from a headache, I thought it a good experience.
I was very nervous to begin with (the first book I signed looked like a chicken had scrawled on the page! So sorry to that buyer.) but soon I relaxed, Alexis helped in that department, she was so friendly.
My niece Amy and daughter Eleanor also were a great help too.

Book signings are a very humbling experience really. Sitting behind a table hoping against hope that someone will buy your book is a bit of a torture, but most people are friendly and like to chat. I defiantly learnt some lessons for future book signings.

I'll post some photos soon!
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