Friday, September 15, 2006

Wonderful review!

I've had some lovely reviews before but this one is special because it mentions my author idol, Catherine Cookson. I don't pretend to be as great as Catherine Cookson, but boy, just to have her name mentioned anywhere near mine is an absolute honour that makes me all teary.

Here's a snippet of what the reviewer wrote:
Kitty McKenzie is a strong woman who has to struggle and triumph over many adversities in Anne Whitfield's historical saga. A powerful tale of heartbreak, pain and survival, Kitty McKenzie is a spellbinding tale reminiscent of the novels of Catherine Cookson and Barbara Taylor Bradford's A Woman of Substance.

Lord, that is just so wonderful!!
The full review can be seen here.

Kitty McKenzie paperback can be pre-order from Amazon's websites and any bookstore. ISBN 1599982625

It's a good day!
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