Friday, September 22, 2006

Book Ordering Information

I recently received an email from a reader wanting to buy Kitty McKenzie from a Borders store. Apparently, some bookstore salespeople can easily get confused and not want to order my book because they think it's a POD or self published type of book. This is incorrect.

My book, like any other Samhain Publishing book is returnable. This means bookstore managers can order those books from catalogues and, if they don't sell, they can return the book to the supplier, etc.

So please use this information should you try to order my book and the bookstore manager won't do it because of vague reasons.
With the information below, any bookstore or library can order the book.
Kitty McKenzie
ISBN 1599982625
Anne Whitfield
Samhain Publishing

Kitty can also be bought online at any website.

If you buy my book and want a bookmark, etc, just let me know.
Send me an email and I'll pop it in the post to you.
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