Friday, August 11, 2006

R & R

My husband and I are going to Sydney tomorrow night and staying in a hotel right by the harbour. It's Mark's 40th birthday present from me. I'm looking forward to enjoying a lovely dinner and 24 hours chldren free.

This weekend I'm expecting the edits for both Gossamer Wings and Kitty McKenzie's Land. So I shall be busy when I do come back from Sydney.

I have an appointment with my local bookstore manager next Friday, hopefully she'll be inclined to order my books.
I'm getting excited about seeing my books in print. I'm eager to do some face to face promoting, but also rather scared too! I tend to get all my words muddled up when I'm nervous. When I'm comfortable with someone, I'll talk for hours, I get that from my Mum. :o)

This morning I participated in a business meeting with Vintage Romance Publishing. Gossamer Wings should be avaliable for pre-order late September. I'm making lists for my mailout blitz to libraries and bookshops in NSW. I sometimes wonder if I'm doing enough, but there is a limit to how much I can afford to spend on promotion.
If any authors read this and want to share ideas, I'm open to all suggestions. :o)
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