Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pirates & promotion

Took the kids to see Pirates of The Caribbean today. Good movie for the school holidays. Johnny Depp is very entertaining.

Before and after the movie I've been researching promotional outlets again. I'm not even certain they are working, but I guess if I don't try and get my stories out there they'll never get read and I like to share... :o)

I'm waiting on some promotion goodies to come from, it's a little bit like opening a Christmas box, exciting! Yes, I'm sad, I know it.

What is it about catalogues, especially book ones?
I received a book catalogue from Rosemary's Romance Books in Brisbane, Queensland and I read it from cover to cover twice, sighing. There's something very satisfying in reading about books. I have the same problem when entering a bookstore, I'm told my eyes sort of glaze over. I'm sure my family exaggerate. Anyhow, I'm also becoming rather addicted to online bookstores. I think I spent three hours looking at My wish list isn't healthy.

Currently reading about pioneer woman of Australia. Wonderful stories, those women were true heroines, facing enormous difficulties. One particular woman, Georgina McCrae, was an illigitimate daughter of Duke Gordon and a beautiful portrait painter. She ended up marrying a man she didn't really love (after not being allowed to marry the man she did love - a cousin) and they went to Australia. Her husband wouldn't let her continue her painting, which she earnt much needed money from. There was a scandal about her and Governor La Trobe of Victoria for she was staying with him and his wife at one time and both appeared on the verandah in the nightclothes when a band marched by ( or something to that effect)
Apparently the scandal was a falsehood (don't you love that word?) as La trobe loved his wife.
In the end, Georgiana and her husband, who she called Mr McCrae drifted apart and ended up living seperately and she applied for divorce.
I'm simply summerising the story, but it is fascinating and Georgina recorded her life in diaries. One diary was burnt on her request at her death, the other diary was published, and I've borrowed it from the library. I actually need to buy it.
Look out Amazon, here I come!
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