Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Just finished my print galleys for Kitty McKenzie. Worked on them for two days straight, even had tog et up at 4 am to work on them as I couldn't sleep. Anyway, they are done and I'm getting excited to see my book. I know I'll cry the first time I hold it, and maybe the second time too...and a third.....

Anyhow, now I have time to read the Historical Novel Society's Solander magazine and it's review magazine which arrived in the post today. (rubbing my hands together in anticipation!)
I joined the UK Historical Novel Society as a treat to myself when my advance came through from Robert Hale Ltd. The society's fee, once converted to AUS dollars has always stopped me from joining, as I knew that money could be better spent, like on buying the kid's shoes or food or bills, etc and it was so frustrating as I've wanted to join for so long now.
So the advance went on buying the kids some shoes, food and bills, but a little went on my joining fee! LOL

I'm currently reading Anne Herries, Lovers and Enemies, a new release set in the English Civil War. It's the first time I've read this author and I borrowed the book from the library mainly because of its setting. I'm hankering to write a story set in the same period and I have a vague premise of the plot and I didn't want to find out that something similar has already been written.
Naturally, most books set in ECW are going to be close in some areas because the time frame for the ECW was so small and there were two main components, Loyalists and the Parliament.
However I'm glad to say that so far, Anne Herries book is nothing like what I had in mind for my book (except for the war happening), which is a relief.
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