Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sometimes you have to laugh

I tell you, this business is so unique. Hot on the heels of all the excitement of acquiring an agent and getting a sale, I'm now doubting my ability big time! :o)

Why does this happen?

I sat editing Her Shadowed Heart last night and just went blank with, not fear, well perhaps it was, but something certainly happened. I looked at my novel and became a nervous wreck that I wouldn't be able to deliver another novel to anyone ever again.
In the past, I've once or twice got... not writer's block, but I've stalled in writing a novel. That feeling never lasted long, a few days or so and then I MAKE myself write through the cloud. Only last night it was a different feeling - one of inadequacy. I panicked that my new agent would hate everything I sent to him from now on. (I hope all this is a normal reaction)

I do get annoyed with myself for doubting my ability to produce a good story readers will enjoy, but I'm sure I'll get over it, I generally do! :o)

Ok, back to editing. I think I'll feel better once I've finished editing and then I can start writing new work. I really need to finish writing A Noble Place.

Have a good weekend.~
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