Sunday, March 19, 2006

What Publishers' Pay

I saw this on another list and thought to share. It's worth while.

A lot of you have heard of the Show Me the MoneyReport that Brenda Hiatt has put together.

Well, it's that time of year....Brenda is doing her yearly update. If you are a published author, please share your info with her. She never includes names or book titles or anything that can link back to the author who shared the info.

Her report is a great place, really the only place, for writers to get agood idea of what many publishers pay their writers for books.

To help out, all you need to do is send her the following info....

PublisherYear of sale/year of release

Which book it is of yours/for that publisher (1st, 5th, etc.)

AdvanceStandard royalty percentage (for regular retail sales)

Total earnout to date (INCLUDING advance)

Last 4 digits of ISBN # (not included in handout--this helps me spot duplicates)
Brenda's e-mail address is
You can check out the Show Me the Money Report on her site here...
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