Friday, March 10, 2006

New release date/Things

A Hometown Boy will be released from Titan Press, April 26th!!

First round edits should arrive next week from my new editor. (Hello Katie! Be gentle with me. LOL)

I've been hard bounced twice this week from my groups by Yahoo. God, that is so annoying. It's rather exhausting go to each of my groups' websites searching for lost emails.
I know I shouldn't complain because I couldn't imagine my life without my yahoo groups, and I'm eternally gratefully to the persons who invented them, but please give me a break from the hard bouncing!
It's not as if I have a full inbox, as I don't. I always make sure my inbox only has about 100 emails in there and send the important emails to other folders. Boo hoo.

On a good note, I ordered a second hand copy of Audrey Howard's book, The Morning Tide from Amazon yesterday. I did have this book, (I have all her books, they are bought the month they are released) however, I lent this book out and it was never returned. Grrr.....!! And people wonder why I hesitate to lend out my little darlings???
So, anyway, I bought a copy of the book for 67 cents US, with shipping it came to $10. Shocking I know, but what's a girl to do? One must complete one's list, you know. (grin)
Actually, if I'd ordered it from an Aussie bookstore it would have cost more, and yes I know it would have been new, but well, I've done it now, so shush.
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