Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Grand Final Win Amongst Other Things

I've been flat out like a lizard drinking the last few days!

Working backwards, yesterday I visited my Dad and did some gardening for him and then cleaned all of Mum's ornaments, which Dad can't do now as his hands are too shaky and he's frightened off dropping one of Mum's precious ornaments. They, and memories, are all we have of her.

The day before that, I started reading A Noble Place from the beginning, to get into the feel of the story again. Not working on it everyday has affected how I feel about the story. I really need to finish this story, but I had to take a break from it as the first edits of A Hometown Boy arrived and I had to work on those.
I just sent them back this morning. I added over 2000 words to the story and I feel it reads better now. I hope my editor, Katie agrees! :o)

The weekend saw me write not a word. :o)
My husband and eldest son play in the same cricket team and they won their grand-final game on Staurday. It was such a good day. I lost my voice from shouting and cheering and I forgot the camera! Oh well, I told them they'll have to do it all again next year.

My dear friend, Christine Diehm finaled in the historical section of the Golden Heart last week. So exciting!

I'm not reading any fiction at the moment. When I have had time to read it's usually been a reference book on early Australia for research for A Noble Place.
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