Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The good news keeps coming

This morning I signed a contract from Titan Press for my short story, A Hometown Boy.

This has been a brilliant week for me and I'm so happy that my stories are seeing the light of day.

In some ways it's hard to believe I actually have stories out there for people to buy. After nearly nine years of writing and receiving rejections it's a little unreal to see people taking an interest in my stories and I don't just mean the people who can buy Long Distance Love and Remembering, but those people behind the scenes, like editors and publishers and my own critique group.

So much does go on behind the scenes before a book makes it to the bright lights of release day. Writers pour so much into their writing to make it the best they can and then when it is available to the public they are assailed with doubts that they HAVEN'T done the best they could. It's a vicious circle!! :o)

I have to say though that the kinship writers feel with other writers is a wonderful thing.
When I first started writing I was alone, no internet, no group discussions. I wouldn't reccommend that for any writer.
You need that special supprt you can only get from other writers who understand the agony we go through as we try to make our mark in this industry.

Apart from the news and the history channel, there is one tv show I love, EastEnders - a UK show. It's on now, so I'm off to watch it!

Take care.

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