Friday, October 14, 2005

Time Flies....and a whinge.

I can't believe where the time goes.

I've meant to update this blog every day for the last week! But my excuse is sound. :o)

I've been writing and writing and writing - mainly on my modern story, which refuses to play nicely. However, I've also been doing a little editing on novel no. 4.

First, the latest news is I've sent three of my short stories to All Romance Books to see if they want to publish them into an ebook. I enjoy writing short stories but sometimes finding a market for them isn't so easy. So, instead of them just sitting in a folder doing nothing I thought that if ARB liked them enough to publish them, then they'd be earning some pocket money for me (hopefully - I guess people need to buy them first :o)

Ok, the next lot of 'business' that's kept me busy is querying agents. Now, I have to say, I hate doing this with a passion. But needs must and all that... Anyway, I've sent off six queries - all the UK agents. So far I've got one reply. A rejection! ^%&!

I am seriously considering just submitting to ebook & POD publishers from now on. The 'big' league publishers don't want unsolicited manuscripts and only want agent submissions, therefore agents have bulging client lists and can't be bothered to be cloned so that they can take on more clients. It's such a vicious cycle. And, after over 8 years of doing this I want out of that cycle. It's time wasting and demoralizing.
I never started writing to make millions. Shocking I know. I started writing to release all the stories that were filling my head so badly that all my normal functions were delayed by 10 minutes. LOL

So, I'm in revolt. Good bye agents, good bye big publishers.
Hello sanity. I've missed you.

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