Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Finally managed to order the latest release of my favourite medieval author, Elizabeth Chadwick from the library. Shadows & Strongholds.
It is very frustrating that I can't find her books in book shops around the areas where I live. I've enjoyed all her books I've read so far and am looking forward to reading this one.

Yesterday and today I've been writing on current saga set in the area of Heptonstall/Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. I've averaged 2 000 words for each day so I'm pleased with that.
This morning I had to cut some 500 words from yesterday's efforts due to the scene not working right. However, since this is the first draft, I'm happy to just get the basics down to begin with.
The characters tend to lead me off in directions that they aren't meant to go, and sometimes I have to get tough and haul them back into line. Though, at times, strangely enough, they seem to know better than I do and I have to give in gracefully.
But not yesterday. Yesterday, I chopped the words away to get them back on track. Little blighters. :o)

Still, not heard from UK agent that has the Gossamer Wings partial (it has only been a week) or the small UK publishing house who has Kitty McKenzie.
I am so impatient!
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