Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No writing today

It was my hubby's birthday today, so we went out for lunch and did some shopping.
Actually I've not done any writing in the last few days, which is sad after my little blitz last week.

I did do some researching. Well, more like going over old research.
I love maps and my uncle Peter in Wakefield, England is a saint. He sends me research material all the time. As soon as I start a new manuscript I send him the area it is set in and the time frame and small packages start arriving for me. He knows my needs now, (after 8 years of writing) and will send me maps, paper cut-outs, books and any other information he can think of about the areas and he's also sent me videos of the areas so I can refresh my memory from when I was in England in the 80s. Bless him... :o)

Take care.
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