Sunday, April 17, 2005

Slow start

Well, I had good intensions when I first started this blog. However, life has gotten in the way during the last few days.

We made a trip to Canberra in the A.C.T. to find rental accommodation to move to next month. Hopefully, all will go according to plan. What a stressful week!

As to my writing....
A few disappointments this week. A rejection, urgh!
And still no answer from an agent who has a partial of my second novel. What is it with people not answering their emails? It takes so little time.
Also, no word from either the Australian or the UK magazine publishers I sent my short story to. Sheesh, we writers wait and wait and wait.
But, I'll not ponder on those problems.

I'll be positive instead.
Wings ePress have requested the full manuscript of my first novel. This will be interesting to see if it's accepted. Finding a home for English sagas in the American market is not easy.

This morning, I have printed out yet another three chapters, synopsis and covering letter to send to a UK publisher.
I need to post another query partial to two UK agents, but it's so expensive to post these heavy packages. Therefore, I space them out week to week. Why can't agents accept email partials? Please, people, get with the real world and take pity on those writers who live on the other side of the world.

Anyway, now I have finished my quota of querying for this week, I really need to delve back into writing my current work in progress. It has suffered from lack of attention this month and I must rectify this. Today.

Take care.

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