Sunday, March 27, 2011

A trophy and some knights!

This weekend saw the end of the cricket season in Australia. Both my boys, Jack and Joshua, made it to the grand finals. Josh and his team won their grand final for under16s on Saturday morning. (Sadly Josh and Jack lost their 2nd grade grand final the following day.)
Beside the oval where Josh's team were playing, we heard yelling and the clash of metal. Intrigued, I went beyond the spectators and to my surprise found a group of knights in full battle cry! I started talking to one gentleman, dressed in 12 century clothes, including a long grey beard, who was watching and he told me they were re-enactors from all over NSW and Canberra, and they meet up to compete against each other and discuss all things medieval. I have to say that watching them I saw passion and clear attention to detail. Despite the different groups representing different medieval eras, they were quite serious in their fighting. It was very interesting to watch.

Josh and his skipper Blake Parker with the trophy!


Julia B said...

That's brilliant!

And congratulations to your boys! You must be so proud :-)

Nathan Casey said...

Ha - who won the knight-fight?

chaina mobile phone repairing tip said...

congratulation dear! your bogs sach a proud.

Koala Bear Writer said...

Cool pictures! That would be quite something to see... We were at a Scottish event here in Canada once and saw a medieval battle restaged. Interesting to me what catches people's attention and that there are enough people interested in that aspect of history to do such things! :)