Monday, October 13, 2008

Beatrix Potter

Snatching moments when I can between working, writing and family life, I've been reading Linda Lear's book, an autobiography of Beatrix Potter.


Beatrix Potter, the twentieth century's most beloved children's writer and illustrator, created books that will forever conjure nature for millions. Yet though she is a household name around the world, her personal life and her other significant achievements remain largely unknown. This remarkable new biography is a voyage of discovery into the story of an extraordinary woman. At a time when plunder was more popular than preservation, she brought nature back into the English imagination. "Beatrix Potter: A Life In Nature" reveals a strong, humorous and independent woman, whose art was timeless, and whose generosity left an indelible imprint on the countryside.

It's a large book but very interestng and I've learnt a lot I didn't know about Beatrix Potter.

If you are interested in this magical and incrediblly talented artist, then do read this book.
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Linda Lear said...

Hello Anne in Australia. As the author of the new biography of Beatrix Potter I was pleased to see you were enjoying it. The book in hard cover IS big because Penguin tried to use nice paper and heavy stock for illustrations, but the paperback is the opposite and I do hope readers will enjoy both for content rather than heft.

For those of you, like myself, who thought Beatrix only wrote Little Books, you are in for a big surprise as she was the most marvelous genius, and triumphed over the greatest Victorian tragedy: that of being terminally bored.

I'd be most appreciative to read more comments and to know what readers liked and did'nt.

Best wishes, Linda Lear

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