Sunday, December 03, 2006

Books Signing Photos

My first book signing was done at a small independent bookstore in Wollongong on the south coast of NSW. It was a terribly hot day!

The woman in the blue shirt is Alexis Fleming, another Samhain Publishing author. A lovely lady! I am so glad I got to meet her. Before our signing we went for coffee and talked shop - bliss! There is nothing better than talking to another author who understand this crazy business.

I was very fortunate to be signing two books, Kitty McKenzie and Gossamer Wings.


Serena said...

Mega congrats on the booksigning! I'm glad it went well. Wish I lived closer. Why not venture down to Melbourne? :)

Ciar Cullen said...

Awesome Anne! Looks like it was fun. I'm coming up on my first too, and your pictures make me less nervous :o)