Monday, September 26, 2005


I hate all this spam that is affecting the blogs now.
Lately, I've had a spam message on the blog immediately after I've upload a posting. So annoying!
Does anyone know if there's something being done about it?


Anonymous said...

You have a great blog here!

I have a deer hunting equipment site. It
pretty much covers deer hunting equipment related stuff. Check it out when you can :)


Alex Bordessa said...

Hi Anne,

This is NOT a spam :-) Yes, you can put word verification on your blog - you've probably had to fill one in when visiting other blogs. On your blogger dashboard, if you go to:

the 'Settings' tab

then choose 'Comments'

Scroll down a bit, then you'll come to 'Show word verification for comments'

Choose yes, then save, then I think you have to republish your blog, if memory serves.

Bob's your uncle, hopefully!

btw, you can remove the already present spam comments completely if you try and remove them again. I think it gives the choice: 'delete forever?' or some such.

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Thanks Alex.
I'll try that.
Take care.

Alex Bordessa said...

Hey, it seems to have worked!!!

Josie said...

Hi Anne,

Hopefully, the word verification will stop the spam problem. I still haven't turned on the comments at my blog because a friend's blog was slammed with spam and porno and she had to delete a bunch of comments. I need to see if tblog has word verification for my blog...

fin said...

spam is evil

crissachappell said...

That deer hunting spam is scary..esp. because it's signed "Rod."