Sunday, February 05, 2017

New Dawn - Titanic Story

A New Dawn is my short story about characters Briony and James and the start to their life together, which as you guessed it doesn't go smoothly as they are on board the Titanic. I have an idea to continue their story into a full length novel one day, I just need to find the time to write it along with all the other stories I want to write!

The story of the Titanic has always fascinated me since watching as a child the black and white Hollywood film of the sinking of it. I never thought I would actually write a story about it but, one day, after reading and researching about it, the idea came into my head about a young couple starting a new life. I thought what if... and suddenly A New Dawn was born.

A New Dawn

A New Dawn, a short story.

Escaping a brutal father, Briony runs to James, the man she loves. 
With his family’s blessing, they marry and prepare for a new life in a new country – America. 
A wedding gift of two tickets to travel on an ocean liner is a wonderful surprise. 
Full of anticipation and hope, they set sail. 
Only, fate has sent them a challenge that tests, not just their strength and love, but their very survival.

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