Friday, October 28, 2016

Next writing project...

Aside from working and normal life, I am busy writing the third book in the Kitty McKenzie's series. This book concentrates on Kitty's grandchildren, and other previous character's grandchildren, who find themselves confronted by World War I.

So far I am really enjoying writing it, but as always research is slowing me down a little. Not that I mind really, I find research fascinating and interesting, especially war research. I'm always in awe when reading about what our brave soldiers went through.

So far, I have researched:
 Australian WWI uniforms
When the first bridge in Grafton, NSW was built
1914 cars
Ranks of soldiers in the Australian army.
Gallipoli and the conditions endured by the Australian soldiers who served there.

I'm only on chapter 4, so you can see there's a long way to go and a lot more research to do.
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