Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell

A Royal DutyA Royal Duty by Paul Burrell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this book after years of not wanting to. I put it off because I didn't know how truthful it would be. My timing of reading it and the Royal wedding was bittersweet, as it made me sad that Diana wasn't there to see William get married.

However, I did enjoy the book very much. I think Burrell was candid and truthful in many ways. I liked the background information of his life before starting his career with the Queen. I didn't know he worked for the Queen, or that his wife worked for the Duke of Edinburgh before they moved to the Prince and Princess of Wales' staff.

I found his stories of the time with the Queen extremely interesting, especially her feeding the corgis herself.

Overall, I felt very sorry for Burrell and his utter devotion for Diana, the Princess of Wales, which left a large gap in his life when she died, that even his wife and sons didn't seem to fill. I wasn't surprised to hear that he has since divorced his wife. That is rather tragic.

I think he was lost after the princess’s death and the subsequent court case shattered him and his world, which is understandable.

If you like learning about royal life behind closed doors, then this is a good book to read.

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Debbie Brown said...

Hi Anne, I read part of the book many years ago, and I don't really know why I didn't finish it. I must have been too busy, because I really did enjoy the part I read. You've moved me to pick it back up and finish it. I have always been interested to learn about how the royals supported him in court. I've been left hanging on that all these years! :)

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Hi Debbie. Strings were definitely pulled in that court case, but then he should never have been arrested.