Monday, October 26, 2009

I Support My Local Library

A couple of weeks ago, I received a phone call from Helen who works at my local library. She asked if I would like to be spotlighted on the library's website as a library friend. I said sure.
It felt a good thing to do, as I use my local library all the time and the staff are truly lovely and have been supportive of me and my books in the past.
All I had to do was tell them what I'm reading or have recently finished reading. Too easy.
Click on the link to check out their website.

Of course, I've now finished reading Parky's biography and am now reading The Other ANZACs by Peter Rees - a non fiction book about WWI war nurses from Australia and New Zealand who served with such courage and compassion.

Support your library, because if we don't, then one day we might not have them at all.


A J Hawke said...

Anne, Your comment about supporting your local library is so true. I support my local library while at the same time supporting my fellow writers. Each month I request a book through Interlibrary Loan at the Library by a writer that I feel should be housed in the library. After I read the book, I then request that the library purchase it for the library. I get to read new works, authors get their book purchased, and hopefully they will have more fans developing. At our library anyone can put a book by the check out line that they have found interesting so others might see it and check it out. Doing what I can to promote books, authors, and libraries. By the way, I have requested your book next.
A J Hawke

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