Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Sad Loss

Sadly, my agent, Bob Tanner from International Scripts in London died last week.
The news shook me up a bit, left me floundering not knowing what is to happen. It took me years to acquire a UK agent and to lose him shocked me.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to meet Bob when we were in England last year, as my husband had broken his big toe just before we flew over, and so getting around London was a complete nightmare, (and painful for Mark) and Bob's office was outside of the city centre.

Anyway via his emails we got along well, though Bob wasn't a man who was very free with his words, so when he sent a compliment you knew he meant it.
Bob was responsible in selling my novel, The Gentle Wind's Caress to Robert Hale Ltd UK, and granting me my wish to have a UK agent and publisher.
He was a good man and will be missed.

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Margaret Muir said...

Like you, Anne, I will miss Bob Tanner, my English Literary agent.
I also missed out on meeting Bob the last time I went to England which is sad.
As you say, he was a man of few words but he knew the book trade inside out and backwards.
I was amazed to learn he was 88 and still working in the business he loved.
marg Muir