Monday, January 14, 2008


I watched the UK series of Who Do You Think You Are? and watched the new Aussie series last night, which I thoroughly enjoyed, being a genealogist too.

After watching it, I started writing up my family tree in I'd traced my husband's family years ago, (good convict stock you see) but not my own, which is all Yorkshire miners, and which I presumed would be a little dull. :o)
However, a distant cousin contacted me out of the blue a few months ago and sent me information. She told me about a great+ aunt, Elizabeth Gay, who had an illegitimate baby in 1859 and was disowned from the family. She ended up in the workhouse and the baby died there aged 3, Elizabeth then disappeared. All very fascinating stuff!
I'm keen to research the Gay side of the family. I've seen old records of the Gay family in the English Civil War in Gloucestershire, and that's where my great great grandad came from, but apparently the original Gay, came from France and was, 'de Gay'.
It makes a change to have family outside of Yorkshire, LOL
How I will find time to trace this new information as well as write and edit I don't know, but I'll give it a go!


Chhaya said...

this is all so exciting, but in india (im indian) our family tree is maintain since centuries. uH!! no fun!!!

love and greetinfs from India

Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Anne

I love doing my family tree research, although I've had it on hold for a few years. My Dad and Father-in-law were the one's that got the biggest kick out of my research and since they have both gone I've found it hard to get back into it again. I've promised myself this year to spend some time on it again.

I have some very interesting convicts on both sides of my family. I love that Who Do You Think You Are? Jack Thompson was great, he really is just a big softie.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.