Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Newsletter

I sent out my first newsletter yesterday.

I was so stressed about it, wondering if it looked professional or was too personal, or not entertaining enough. I never thought it would be so hard! :o)

Anyway, I had two lovely emails saying they enjoyed it very much. What a relief.

If you want to recieve my bi-monthly newsletter click on the link. The next one will be sent out in April.

There's no chat at the group. It's simply one newsletter sent every two months. It's about my writing, with a contest, interesting links, etc.


Kate Allan said...

Good luck! I've somehow managed to avoid doing an author newsletter yet... but expect I'll have to start sometime. :)

Rene said...

Hi Anne, I signed up for your newsletter. Whether I will actually get it is another thing because Yahoo is the DEVIL!!! As I'm writing this, my email is going nuts with a bunch of yahoo listservs from the last couple of days which finally made it to my inbox.