Friday, August 12, 2005

So much for good intentions

On switching on my computer this morning, after the kids had gone to school, I had grand hopes of writing, oh at least 3 000 words before they came home again.
Instead, I managed 1 569 then allowed myself to be distracted by email, publisher hunting and tidying up my favourites into folders!
Sometimes I want to slap myself stupid. :o)

I'm so close to the end of writing this first draft and yet I end up letting my day slip away. Oh where is that cabin in the woods.....


Josie said...

Anne, I'm the slowest writer in the world so I think 1569 words in a day is incredible! I'm trying to increase my output but it's really hard for me (sort of like teaching an old dog new tricks or something like that...)

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Hi Josie.

Don't worry, when I first started writing 8 years ago I was really slow. It would take me all day to write 2 pages.

I don't touch-type either, which I've heard writers should learn how to do to speed up their output.
I use about four fingers. :o)

My ideal target is 3000 words a day, but I rarely reach that and once I'm working full-time, I'm lucky to do that in a week.
So while I'm not working I have to try and finish manuscripts. :o)

Take care

Josie said...

Next week I start working again as a substitute teacher. My son started back to school today and this was the first year he didn't cry (I guess because he's in the 4th grade now - a big boy!) I'm determined to get some writing done while I'm still off work and I have the house to myself! See ya!