Friday, July 29, 2005


Unfortunately, I'm brain dead whn it comes to using html . So I can't list any great links. :o(

If anyone can help me and explain it to me very very simply, please do. I've tried the help button but it might as well be in Chinese for all I can understand it.

I'd really like it if they would just let me add websites by just adding the url.

Grumble over.


Alex Bordessa said...

Hi Anne,

Got to 'template' folder in in your blog. Scroll down, looking for:

h2 class="sidebar-title">Links /h2

nb, I've removed the < > from my text here, as I think you won't be able to see the code otherwise (i.e. this programme might read the code so you won't see what I'm trying to explain!), obviously leave them in when you edit.

Between the ul and /ul, put your links in, eg:

a href="" Anne Whitfield, Historical Fiction Saga Writer

Save, then 'republish' to see your additions.

Hope this makes sense!

If it doesn't, you can put a html geek on your team and they can sort you out. (Adding teams members can be found in the Settings Folder) You can easily take them off again when they've done their job!

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Hi Alex.

Thanks for that.

I did everthing you said and still nothing.
I think this thing hates me. :o(

Alex Bordessa said...

Are you putting <> around
a href=""

You need to put a < at the beginning (where it says 'a href', and a > at the end after .com/.

All code needs to be bracketed - as I said, I can't just tell you the code, as I think you'll only see the link and not the code in this comment box.

The text you want to see (eg. Anne Whitfield Historical Fiction Writer) doesn't need to be bracketed, but you've turned on the code by using a href, so after 'Writer', you need to bracket the /a in <>

Does this help? Sorry, if it doesn't :-(

I'd be happy to try sort it out for you if you want me to put on your team ( But since you don't know me well, perhaps there's someone else you could get to help you?

Anne Whitfield - author said...

Hi Alex.

Thanks again for trying to help me, but alas it's still not working.
So, I've sent you an invitation to be a member and perhaps you can figure out where I'm going wrong.

Thanks so much.