Art of Desire - short story

After visiting New York on my honeymoon, I wrote a short story featuring Manhattan, a city I loved being in. This short story is about Antonia and Ronan and how they find love.

Arriving in New York, Antonia is using her inheritance to start a career as an artist. In Manhattan she needs to be focused and committed to her art, wanting to make her late father proud, and to make a point to her cold mother that she can make a success of her life. 
Only, her plans don’t include meeting Ronan Kelly, the sexy teacher living in the same building as her apartment. 
They can’t deny their attraction, and despite her good intentions to only concentrate on building her career, Antonia is soon swept up in a whirlwind romance. 
Just when she thinks she has found the happiness she’s been searching for, Ronan’s ex-girlfriend appears with devastating news and re-instates her claim to him. 
Antonia does what she does best, she flees - again - this time to Paris, to forget Ronan and the love that could have been hers. 
Will Ronan allow the one woman who has filled his heart leave him for good? 
Can Antonia stop running and face what could be hers? 

Art of Desire
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