About Me

About Me:
  I was born a small town in N.S.W. Australia, to English parents, Ken and Betty. I am the youngest of five children.
  As a child I loved reading and listening to music, my favourite being ABBA, though I grew up liking a great variety of music.  My brother Michael and I listened to all types of music, mainly driving in his car with the stereo blasting. One minute we would have country singer, Kenny Rogers on, then the next it would be rock, like AC-DC or Meatloaf. That variety of music stays with me and my cd collection is of a wide range in type.
  I have a wide variety of interests. I enjoy eating my husband's delicious cooking!
  Reading is a passion that's been with me since childhood.
  Travelling is something I like doing and want to do more of. Since meeting my husband, we've done lot of travelling to places I never thought I would go such as Turkey and Mexico, and I've been able to tick off a few places off my bucket list such as New York and Rome. 
 I am interested in genealogy, I adore chocolate. (who doesn't?) I love cooking, social media and spending time with family and friends.

Some Questions & Answers:

How are your story ideas born?
My story ideas are born from all sorts of sources. Usually when I’m doing something mundane, like ironing or washing the floor, etc, and ideas will come into my head then. Sometimes they might come from researching. I might be flipping through my research books and I’ll see something interesting that leads
to ideas for a story.

How many works in progress do you have?
At the moment I’m writing historical novel set in Australia, Egypt, London and France in WWI. This will be book number 16.

What is your writing process?
I simply open a blank page and allow the story idea to flow. I like to write when it is quiet, the house is
peaceful and everyone is out. I prefer writing in the morning, and can count on one hand how many times I’ve written at night. But I do need coffee to keep me going and if possible chocolate!

What writing mechanic challenges you?

Probably grammar. I suck at it!

How do you come up with the names for your characters?
I love names, and the old names of history can be so elegant.  In my novel, Grace’s Courage, I had fun naming the seven daughters. Grace has always been a favourite, and my daughter is called Eleanor Grace. I do spend time on choosing the names, making sure they fit the character. I don’t like modern names being used in historical. I use my family tree information as an excellent source of period names.

What’s your favourite part of the writing process?
The beginning. I love writing the first three chapters, weaving everyone in and getting to know them.

What’s your least favourite part of the writing process?
The least part I like is editing when the book is finished and I have ideas for a new story that are begging to get out. Once a book is written Im eager to start something new, but I know editing is important!

How long does it take to write your novels?
My novels, especially my historical novels usually take about 6 – 12 months to write. Sometimes it depends on what is happening in my life at the time. I try to make 8 months as my goal. But it doesn’t always happen.

Which book that you’ve read has made a lasting impression on you? And why?
Most of Audrey Howard’s books leave a lasting impression on me. I love her books. The heroine usually goes through hell before the happy ever after ending. Catherine Cookson’s Tilly Trotter series and also The Dwelling Place as firm favourites, too.

Do you have any advice/handy tips/craft skills you’d like to share with unpublished

Advice can be tricky, because so much depends on the writer and what they write, but first I would say, never give up! This is a hard and at times very frustrating business, be prepared to wait for results.
Learn everything you can about it.
Talk to other writers, join writing groups and especially try and find a good critique group, who will help you polish your manuscript before you send it out. Research agents. Research publishers.

Do you find time to have interests other than writing?
Travelling, gardening, shopping, dining out and spending time with family and friends.

Some of My favourite authors are;
Audrey Howard.
Catherine Cookson.
Elizabeth Chadwick
Sharon Penman
Anita Davison
Maggi Andersen
and a host of others...

Some of My Favourite movies:
North and South (UK BBC)
North and South (American civil war)
Pride & Predjudice. (BBC, Adaptation)
Anne Of Green Gables.
ANZACS (Australian War Series)
Steel Magnolias
Notting Hill
Love Actually
Sense & Sensibility (Emma Thompson)
Sweet Home Alabama

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