Monday, August 03, 2009

Round up

Yesterday, Monday August 3rd, was an exciting day for the Whitfield family. Our eldest son Jack passed his driving test. He was rather cool and calm about it, while I had butterflies and the shakes. :o)
It worries me that I have to do this another twice more when Josh and Ellie start learning to to drive in a couple of years.

I have been working on my latest manuscript, the synopsis is written, although they are such a pain to do. I will soon be sending the first three chapters out to agents and hopefully I'll find an agent who is willing to have a partnership with me again. I miss having an agent, that other person to be in your corner, watching your back.

A writing colleague, Sandi Rog, has started a new blog to help new writers with learning the craft of fiction writing. If your writing is in need of some help visit Sandi's blog.

Currently reading Katie Fforde's The Wedding Season, which I'm enjoying, and just finished Sea Dust by Margaret Muir, but I'll post about those later.

Aside from those two wonderful authors, I am very privileged to be able to read wonderful stories written by new upcoming writers from my critique group, who, as yet, haven't found a publisher, but hopefully it'll only be a matter of time. When I say it is a privilege I really do mean it. We are given such trust to help and guide as each writer, myself included, does their best to produce a manuscript of dazzling brilliance. Plus the friendships aren't half bad either!


The Book Doctor said...

Thank you for your post, Anne. And what a lovely blog. I didn't realize you had one! :-)



Anita Davison said...

Been there Anne - you wait until he gets a bit of confidence with his driving and revs hard in the driveway before throwing it into gear and leaping out into traffic - heart palpitations aren't in it!

Dara said...

I like your blog! :) And a good critique group is very precious; it's always great to network with other writers and support and guide each other towards publication.

Kim Smith said...

Thanks for the great link! I am adding the book doctor to my blogroll. Best of luck with finding an agent. I think I may try this soon, also.