Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another review for Broken Hero!

Audrey believes she is in control of her life and her emotions, until Captain Jake Harding’s arrival affects her in a way she never expects. She rails against his inability to respond to her due to the demons which haunt him from his past. Does she salve her pride and stop trying? Will he come to realise he needs the devotion she can offer, or is this broken hero beyond her reach?

Broken Hero is an uplifting story about the unseen wounds war inflicts on the strongest and the way ordinary people learned to adjust to cope with extraordinary situations.

Readers will sympathise at every level with Anne Whitfield’s characters, the strong minded Audrey and the compassionate, damaged Jake who needs her but cannot or will not acknowledge it.

Anita Davison, Historical Fiction Author

Thanks so much, Anita!!
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