Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cata-Network Nominations

Do you remember all the great books you read in 2007? How about the ones you published?

Well put on your thinking cap and make a list!

Voting for the 2007 Best Book of the Year awards begins January 15th on the CataNetwork and sisters sites, CataRomance (category romance), SingleTitles.com (Single Title romance originally published in print), Ecataromance(romance originally published in ebook) and Sensual (erotic romance originally published in ebook or print.)

More information is listed on each of these sites along with graphics for your use.

So... tell a friend, tell your readers. The Golden Globes may be canceled, but our awards show will go on. And we need your votes to make it happen. :)


Thanks for reading,

PS. Also on the 15th, the Reviewers will announce their picks for the Reviewers' Choice Awards!!!

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Sandy said...

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