Sunday, June 17, 2007

How long is lunch?

Well when you're meeting up with net friends that you've emailed for a long time but have never met them before in the flesh, then lunch can be extremely long!

Here is a picture of three of my critique partners, Anita Davison, Jennie Pittam and Rosemary Morris. (in order - sitting next from me on the far left)

We met up for lunch in Soho, London while I was holidaying in England.

It is not always easy to spend time with people who understand the business of being a writer, so when you get writers together we tend to talk shop, and talk and talk and talk!

It was a wonderful time we spent together - six and a half hours of it! My poor husband was suffering a broken toe and so he had to sit and listen to us go on and on and couldn't escape. Bless him he was a saint.

I'm so pleased we had the chance to meet and to put faces to names. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you ladies for sharing your time with me. xxx


Jennifer Pittam said...

Hello Anne! Lovely to see you (and me) on your blogspot. Best wishes, Jennie

Anita Davison said...

Hi Anne, lovely to see you, and me too - I think, how come you used the photo that I wasn't ready for?
It was a great lunch and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you all. As you say, such a tuned-in group doesn't happen often and it was lovely.